The Happy Birthday Baby List

The Happy Birthday Baby List

My daughter will be a year old on Sunday. And I survived a messy, enlightening, challenging, beautiful year of motherhood. There's so much to celebrate.

Seven years ago this week, I received the worst news a pregnant woman could get, and every December since has been sad - really sad. I struggled to find joy or hope over the holidays, and last year was no different. Until that phone call. Suddenly, this sad week became the most thrilling, surprising, and joyous week of the year.

Today, I'm prepping for a first birthday party and my new role of Santa. I'm buying footie Christmas pajamas, ordering a smash cake, and stuffing stockings.

None of this is lost on me. None of it.

So I'm one year in to this crazy ride called motherhood. What have I learned?

1. All babies are beautiful, but my baby is REALLY beautiful.

2. I love being a mom, but most of all I love being my daughter's mom. She is smart, sweet, funny, picky, sensitive, and unique.

3. I miss my free time - a lot. I have a lot of help and her dad is super hands on, but I still miss the freedom to take a nap when I want, see a spontaneous movie with my husband or leave the house with less than 20 items. 

4. Marriage essentially goes on hold for year one of parenthood. Looking forward to what year two has in store.

5. People give you a lot of advice and share countless opinions - some wanted, some not. But, it's true, you know your baby best and you should always follow your instincts.

6. I rarely, if ever, think about the fact that my child is adopted, yet I treasure her birthparents more than I could've imagined. Navigating that relationship isn't scary at all.

7. You can never have enough baby socks, onesies or pajamas, but you can have too much stuff in your house - everywhere, all the time.

8. There's no joy like seeing your baby smile, giggle or crawl for the first time. It's the best feeling in the world.

9. My new bedtime is 9 p.m. - like every night.

10.  It really does take a village, and I'm so very grateful for mine.




Lessons in Motherhood

Lessons in Motherhood