Celeb Sightings 101

Celeb Sightings 101

Some people get their thrills from gambling, roller coasters or extreme sports. Me? I thrive on a good celeb sighting. A quality celeb run-in is a combination of luck, skill and a little bit of crazy.

Most of my experiences are tied to fabulous girl trips over the years, which make these memories that much sweeter.

My list is long, and I left off quite a few like that time I ate lunch next to Andrea Zuckerman at the Grove, attended a live taping of Friends, or had dinner one table over from Dax Shephard during the Punk’d era.

And before you wonder, no, I’m not the least bit embarrassed by any of this. Some people are good at math, others can cure diseases. This happens to be my special gift.

I give you my favorites…

  1. Paul McCartney: Super random. Mid-town Manhattan. Several years back. Paul and then-wife Heather Mills strolling around the city. Weirdest part: saw them again the next morning from my window seat at a random coffee shop.

  2. Richard Gere: First “grown up” trip to NYC. The weekend began with Rent, my first – and best – Broadway experience, and ended with a Cabaret show at a little Italian restaurant. I was sitting at the bar with my friend and Richard brushed past me. Swoon.  

  3. Ben Affleck: I’ve been on the hunt for Ben since Armageddon. Struck gold twice. Once – leaving the Vanity Fair Oscar party in LA. Brief, but thrilling. Again – filming Jersey Girl with Jason Biggs on 12th & Market next to my office. If I recall, I grabbed my purse and ran out of my building like it was on fire to see him (side note: his current ESPN rant is an embarrassment).

  4. Sam Rockwell: I’ve always had a weird, random crush on him. 11 years ago, my now husband and I were having brunch in East Village during our first trip to NYC together. Sam was at the next table. Two years ago, we found ourselves in the same video store as him. Quirky dude.

  5. Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy: Summer in NYC a few years ago. I was in town for a communications conference, and went for a stroll after the last session. Literally stumbled into the premiere of “Heat” right next to my hotel and got some good close ups of these awesome ladies.

  6. Geena Davis: Picture three girls driving around in their rented convertible during their first trip to LA. And who do we see on day one? Geena Davis making out with her boy toy on a street corner in Beverly Hills.

  7. Paul Walker: Such a beautiful, beautiful man. Second girl’s trip to LA. Stayed at the W and ate all of our meals at Whole Foods because we spent all of our money on the hotel. But it was worth it because Paul was a fellow guest. My friend took an elevator ride with him alone and he spoke to her (lucky bitch)! We joined him in the hotel bar later that night. Okay, we weren’t exactly together, but…

  8. McSteamy: Living in Center City is especially awesome when they start filming a lot of movies in Philadelphia. I woke up one morning to discover that Marley & Me was shooting around the corner. And if you pretend you’re lost you can sometimes walk through the middle of a set and find yourself smack next to McSteamy. A hot morning indeed.

  9. Paul Rudd/Jack Nicholson: Again, filming in Philly. It was that Reese Witherspoon movie that no one saw. They did a chase scene on Locust St. at Rittenhouse Square. Brief, but cool. I mean, it’s Jack.

  10. Bradley Cooper: He was a filming a movie in Philly, and sightings were popping up everywhere. It started to feel like I was the only gal around town without a B-Coop story. Until one warm summer night, I “stumbled” upon him finishing a night of shooting (after much online research). I’ve seen famous people before, but he was the only one who truly looked like a movie star.

  11. Kim Kardashian: Okay, so I really had no interest in seeing Kim K., she was just there. My friend and I were leaving a showing of “Gone Girl” at the Grove in LA and walked by some kind of makeup launch outside of Nordstrom’s with a red carpet and lots of cameras. Seconds later, we spy Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Honestly, it was more ass and make-up than I’ve ever seen in my life.

  12. Jen from the Bachelor: Staying at the W has a lot of perks (see #7), including finding out the winner of The Bachelor before the rest of America. Yes, Jen (the Andrew Firestone year) was “in hiding” at our hotel before the final rose ceremony. No, she’s not “famous”, but the Bachelor is a cultural phenomenon so this one definitely counts. And yes, we called all of our friends and ruined the finale for them.

  13. Charlie Hunnam: And last, but certainly not least, my lucky 13. I attended a Sons of Anarchy event in LA where I met Charlie, chatted with him for four glorious seconds, and snapped a pic (horrible pic but I’ll take it) – along with 200 other crazy women. Saw him the next day near Melrose Ave, and it was this particular sighting that will go down in the books as the best one ever. God, I really wish I could tell you the story. It involved a Harley.

*This post is dedicated to my partner in crime. She knows who she is.


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